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My New Photography Project

Hi! My name is Yann_b, French travel and outdoor photographer. The last two years, I've been traveling in different countries such as Iceland, Pacific North West USA, Asia and recently The Dolomites and Norway. By following my passion to travel, I capture authentic moments inspired by nature and pursuit visual storytelling: My work mainly focuses on the outdoors, adventure and lifestyle portraits. I want to inspire people to escape a routine and feel more home outdoors.

I`m currently more motivated than ever for my professional work. In the last few months, I`ve realized how happy I am on the road. When I came back home, I was thinked about all the stuff I had in my garage and the big TV in my living room that I never used. I mean, it's great to have nice possessions but it doesn't make me happy enough to stay at home because I know I feel better outside and more creative out of my confort zone. In the last few months on the road I travelled with only two bags and nothing else and felt completely happy. I started to buy only the essentials such as food and fuel for my car. Most of the time I slept in my car and I loved it. My decision to quit everything and start a new life  has not been a fast process, it`s been on my mind for months, maybe years about a simple idea : How to be happy in my actual life, What is my fuel?

The Project:

My project is simple, I want to follow my dreams and live authentic moments. I want to be even more connected with vast nature and people. Through my photography, I tell story's and more than everything, I want to share them with people. And for that, I will challenge myself in one of the most spectacular, fantastic and beautiful countries located in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand.


To be focused on this trip, I`ve started to quit everything such as my job as a flight attendant but also my actual apartment and my car. I just need the essentials : My camera, drone, camping equipment and some clothes. My trip start in November; I booked a one-way ticket to Christchurch, located in the southern island of NZ and then I plan to buy a van for live in it for seven months. 

For my photography I use my Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24mm 1.4 lens, a DJI Mavic pro drone and two Film cameras, including a aquashot Nikonos. Also, I packed with my clothes some camping equipment, such as my MSR super lightweight tent, a PYRENEX sleeping bag and jackets, my favorite underwear ICEBREAKER for cold conditions and some stoves for cooking whilst on hikes.

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