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My name is Yann Bervas, also knows as Yann__b on social networks.

I’m an Outdoor & lifestyle photographer based in the southwest of France, Hossegor. Born and raised in Tahiti, I grew up between Ocean and Mountains. Younger, I made a closed relationship with natural elements, surfing waves and scouting the best locations around my hometown.

I always felt connected with nature and my passion for Environnement help me to keep going further as a photographer. I love to challenge myself exploring unknown places. To keep on creative, I find my inspiration by traveling and stay focus by capturing true moments during my journey. 

Available for travel and photography projects worldwide, feel free to contact me to bring your projects to life.



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- Canon 5D mark IV 

- 24mm 1.4 USM II 

- DJI Mavic Pro 

- Nikon FM2 & Nikonos V (film)

- Macbook Pro i7 (15inch)


Since two years, I team up with brands and promote to a large international audience my work.

Together, we will apply a strategy to get the best results and provide beautiful content in a natural environment like Ocean and Mountains. I handle to find models and appropriate locations around the world to bring your product at the right place. By experience, I know how to work in the best conditions and get stunning lights on my photographs. Also I built a large audience based on outdoor activities. And you’ll be able to see all the stats from each content I share.

Today, Social media is very important. As a brand, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to share your image in a world where everyone is connected with a mobile phone. And if you read this, you know what I’m talking about!

I offer Instagram Post with your content featured with your Hashtags and schedule it at the best time, stories as a movie filmed by 1080p in Professional quality (TBD) aerial views and authentic vibes.

Social media Campaign with multiple post and stories (TBD)

Takeover: During 2/3 days, I take control of your Instagram account and share posts/stories. People enjoy watching a photographer in a daily routine, exploring locations or shooting sessions.

Documenting and storytelling: According to your project, I will be in charge to find locations and create content with details, face expressions and feel the ambiance. By far, my favorite thing to do!

Film shooting (new): before to get involved in social media, I learn photography with an analog camera. Today I want to share all my experience by using a true and authentic way to photograph people. My work becomes more artistic and lifestyle through film. It’s something else!